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History of Harlesden Ummah Community Centre

From the dance floor to the da’wa table

In the summer of 1986, a young man from Nigeria was busy rehearsing for his International Nigerian Street Dance Championship. This man always relied on Allah for his successes. He would perform his two unit nawafil prayers before he would go on stage! His dreams came true later that year when he became the International Champion.

For this, he was awarded a scholarship by the Nigerian government and NTC to travel to London to continue his studies in song writing and choreography. Little did he know that this journey would change his life forever!

One quiet evening, while sitting in the mosque after maghrib salah, some brothers stood up and gave a quick reminder and naseeha to the congregation. The brother listened to this lecture attentively and many different thoughts went through his mind. Due to his lack of knowledge, he had always thought that what he was doing for his career was fine.

He now realised that what he was doing for his career was not pleasing to Allah. His heart had been awakened and his outlook in life completely changed! Before this lecture, he wanted to build his jannah on earth by becoming the best dancer in the world. However, after the lecture, this all changed. His focus changed to the akhirah.

Since then, he has been trying his best to compensate for all the things he had done in his previous life. From that moment, he stopped dancing and listening to music. He changed his profession to fashion design.

He lived in a quite corner of Albert Road, Queens Park, London. He converted his flat into a small place where a group of Muslim brothers and sisters used to attend lectures to increase their knowledge and imaan. In the meantime, he rented a place in Harlesden for his new career in the fashion industry to create Islamic clothes for brothers and sisters. He ran his business from 2004 for almost one and half years in the property at 12 High Street, Harlesden.

After seeing the need for a masjid in the local area, he decided to change his shop to a masjid with the intention that Allah will provide another location for his business. Alhamdulillah, within a couple of weeks, a shop next door to the mosque became available to rent for the fashion store . This was the beginning of “Harlesden Ummah Community Centre”.

From then on, the masjid has been getting bigger and bigger and the community has been growing larger and larger. A huge number of Muslims have moved in to Harlesden since then and Harlesden has never been the same again. Before the establishment of Harlesden Ummah, very few Muslims were seen in the streets of Harlesden. This has all changed now and the notorious reputation of Harlesden is going into the dustbins of History inshaAllah!

NOW? A new amazing opportunity has arrived for you and Harlesden Ummah to buy and develop a property for 2.1 million. This is an investment for all muslims. To establish something that will remain gaining rewards for you for many years after you die inshaAllah.

We at Harlseden Ummah need your help to achieve this target of 2.1 million and we are confident we will achieve this inshaAllah.

Please donate to out cause. May Allah reward you abundantly.