Harlesden Ummah


Business Opportunities


Did you ever want to teach someone how to pray?

Or how to read the Quran?

But you don’t have the time or the ability to do so?

We have a great business proposal for you. How about if you helped us build a place that would have these things done for you?

In that way, you will get the reward of millions of prayers, millions of Quran recitations, the reward of thousands of people learning and teaching the deen.

Isn’t that an amazing investment?

We have been blessed by Allah to pray and establish a masjid in a rented area in Harlesden for the last 5 years. Allah has now blessed you and I with an amazing opportunity to buy and develop a property for 2.1 million. This is an investment for all of us. To establish something that will remain gaining rewards for us many years after we die inshaAllah.

We need your help to achieve this target of 2.1 million and we are confident we will achieve this inshaAllah.

Please donate to out cause. May Allah reward you abundantly.